The Children’s Carnival

Saturday 17th of May – 9.30AM – 15.00PM

The Childrens Carnival takes place in Aalborgs streets and Kildeparken. Its a colorful day with carnival in childrens size.

All children at the age of less than 16 is required to buy a loyality wristband for the cost of 50dkk – This is only for entrance into Kildeparken. – They can bring as many adults as they please for free.

The Loyalty wristband for Children Carnival can only be be bought at the entrance to Kildeparken or via our webshop

Prince Carnival will be elected the 22nd of April in Aalborg Zoo.

The Childrens Carnival starts at 9.30AM on Gabels Torv, where entertainment and face painting is available for the children.

Parade 10.30AM – 11.30AM

Gabels Torv > Nytorv > Boulevarden > John F. Kennedys Plads > DSB-tunnelen > Kildeparken.
The festival continues in Kildeparken from 11.30AM to 2.30PM

ansigtsmaling edited
There will be facepaint available during the warmup on Gabelstorv.

Linette med Semente do Samba edited
“Semente Do Samba
Semente Do Samba entertains and performs for the children and spectators on gabelstorv. They also participate in the parade and continues their performance in Kildeparken.

flyvende kufferttcirkus
Det Flyvende KuffertCirkus
Det flyvende kuffertcirkus (The Flying Suitcase Circus) entertains the children with different magic tricks, balloon shows and more. – Besides that they also participate in the parade.

Dance Action Aalborg
Dance Action Aalborg will be performing on stage in Kildeparken with music and dancing.

Linette med Stomp
Linette with Stomp
Linette performs with other musicians by playing on tubs, water bottles, buckets and more alternative instruments.

Linette med Semente do Samba edited
Linette with “Semente Do Samba”
Linette and Semente do Samba performs with dance, singing and entertainment in Kildeparken.

DGI delivers two street activities in form of a football course and a dance workshop for the children inside kildeparken.

Søspejderne (Sea Scouts) teaches the children different knopps and other cool scout tricks.

Ritmos Calientes
Ritmos Calientes is a part of the parade and performs in Kildeparken aswell. They play different instruments such as Saxophone, Trombone etc.

MGP 2014
Concert by the top 3 from the danish children eurovision – On the 15th of March will 10 young participants compete on national TV to win a recording contract.

Flyvende kuffertcirkus
Det flyvende kuffertcirkus
Det flyvende Kuffertcirkus performs different sorts of magic tricks, balloonshows, classic adventure tales and much more.

Telling tent – Childrenbook writers
In cooperation with Aalborg Library, we will be raising a tent with the possibility of listening to different stories told directly by different children book writers.

facepaint edited
Facepaint will also be an option in Kildeparken.